Welcome to the studio of artist and costume designer Georg Meyer-Wiel.

Inspired by the natural world, his interdisciplinary work encompasses multiple media and his paintings and drawings are a direct physical and emotional response to the world that surrounds him.

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art he has worked as an artist. Major exhibitions have taken place at Hockney Gallery London, Henry Moore Gallery London, Michael Commerford Gallery Sydney and the Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany.

Simultaneously he works as designer of costume and stage for contemporary dance, ballet, film and opera. Amongst his clients are Rambert Dance Company, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Ballet national de l’Opéra du Rhin and the Australian Dance Theatre.

To pass on his knowledge he is pursuing his academic career and lectures at Regent's University London, and has been conducting for the past 14 years workshops at the British Museum London, for which the Campaign for Drawing has awarded him the honorary Trailblazer Award.
Georg lives and works in London.

Poster '.become'

Gardens of Earthly Delights
Espacio Gallery London
09.11.21 – 14.11.21

In the group exhibition ‘Gardens of Earthly Delights’ by artist collective Androtechne at Espacio Gallery London, Georg shows for the first time sculptural work and one of his largest works on canvas to date.

Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch’s ‘Garden of Earthly Delights’, Georg responds to the 15th Century masterpiece by exploring a detail found in the centre of Bosch’s painting, a group of nude bathers standing in a shallow, like in a fountain of youth.
In Georg’s interpretation, his all male cast is surrounded by a siege of herons and flocks of other water birds such as kingfishers, which are representing the men’s desires and symbolize the renewal of life.
The composition, which comprises of almost 50 men and about 80 birds, brings together studies of numerous life models.
This is accompanied by a series of original drawings created in preparation of this large painting, as well as sculpture.

For further information, opening times and to view the individual drawings click HERE.

The Airmales

. become
The Fitzrovia Gallery London
23.11.21 – 28.11.21

In this joint exhibition, Georg Meyer-Wiel and artist Antonio Aprea present sculptures and paintings that refer predominantly to environmental issues and reflect on our changing world and the transient appearance of humanity. Considering in varied approaches the relationship between mankind and nature, the artworks on show debate the impact that our existence has on our planet and its subsequent transformation. The exhibition explores where the world is at today and what might become of it.

Georg Meyer-Wiel approaches in his paintings the subject of transformation in varied ways. In The Fall, the death of Icarus sinking into oblivion serves as a metaphor for what might become of our civilisation as a result of our unsustainable existence.
In his series Totem, the complexity of evolving natural forms investigates the unfolding of nature, despite of human interference. His Island Paintings and Seascapes depict the transformation of land and sea, and can be seen as a direct commentary on what becomes of this world due to global warming, as well as his vision of a future without human existence.

To view the catalogue of paintings shown in the exhibition click HERE.

Poster 'Gardens of Earthly Delights'

The Fitzrovia Gallery London 24.06.21 – 04.07.21

In his latest solo show at The Fitzrovia Gallery London, Georg Meyer-Wiel presents a new body of works on paper, exploring the male figure. Starting with a series of portraits on vintage letters, the exhibition explores multiple facets of masculinity through a rich variety of media.

Following Georg’s life-long habit of collecting old documents, many of his figurative drawings are executed on antique airmail envelopes, postcards and other historic correspondence.
The subject of travelling creates unique narratives by placing the figures in times and places that actually once existed, in a world now long lost. These artworks invite us to travel the world and map out long forgotten journeys and relations.

"Georg Meyer-Wiel's drawing is a never-ending, constantly updated work in progress, intensely personal, executed with graphic haste in the heat of the moment.. They present, in public, a private truth. Seen one by one, they offer us brief encounters of a very masculine immediacy, finding tenderness in the raunchiest of beauties; seen as a series, they initiate a charged conversation with the viewer."Neil Bartlett. Author, Director

For further information, opening times and to view the exhibition catalogue click HERE.